When it comes to the reimbursement of incurred expenses, we provide employees with web based and mobile tools to simplify reimbursement requests. A multitude of tasks and responsibilities burden the mobile workforce; it is our role at AECC to alleviate that burden. We deliver prompt, effective communication to answer questions and keep employees updated on payment status and delivery. 

Our multi-step audit assures compliance to company policy. Our expertise ensures compliance to HR mandates, tax regulations and payroll reporting requirements. Clean, reliable data is the basis for all management reports.

From initiation, through processing, reporting and year-end tax documentation, our experienced staff couple the human touch with high tech.  We keep clients informed, and employees focused on their transition.


Expense Management Components

  • Expense audit to policy
  • Transferee reimbursement
  • Supplier payment processing
  • Lump sum MoveMoney™ prepaid virtual card


Other Payment Applications

  • Recruitment & candidate services
  • Intern benefit programs
  • Short-term assignments
  • Business travel programs


U.S. Payroll & Tax Reporting

  • Tax assistance
  • Periodic W-2 wage updates
  • Year-End payroll reconciliation & true-ups
  • Annual tax summary reporting
  • IRS tax compliance 


The Corporate Experience 

  • Eliminates coordination issues between internal departments (HR, A/P, P/R, Tax & Finance)
  • Allows for payments to new hires before active employment
  • Consistent policy interpretation for all employees
  • Objective and accurate reimbursement audits resulting in savings
  • Accurate tax assistance calculations and payroll reporting
  • Detailed policy exception reporting 
  • Removes burden of A/P vendor set-up, maintenance and reporting
  • Assured IRS benefit and P/R reporting compliance
  • Secure document and receipt storage and destruction
  • Convenient access to secure, online cost & volume reporting
  • Centralized payments and expense data collection

The Employee Experience 

  • Enhances employee mobility experience with quick payment turnarounds
  • Eliminates layered approval and payment processes between HR, A/P, P/R, Tax & Finance
  • Multiple payment request options – web based and mobile apps
  • Auto-email responses, live Chat Assistance, and text message options
  • Access to related resources; IRS forms and publications

For information about the process and benefits of these programs, please contact us at info@aeccmobility.com